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40 Activities That Challenge Your Brain

Did you know that your brain can actually form new connections just by engaging in activities that increase neurogenesis?

It’s true.

And on this page, you’ll discover some of the most direct and pleasing activities that literally cause your brain to grow.

What Is Neurogenesis?

Neurogenesis is not so much a thing or state. It’s a process. Your grain not only generates new neurons. It also forms entirely new connections.

They used to think that once brain cells dies, that’s it. They’re gone.

True, neurogenesis as a process decreases as we age to a certain extent. But it doesn’t have to reduce our quality of life.

When it does, learning new things can become difficult. And learning less damages us incredibly because it often reduces our outlook on life.

But the good news is that if you keep learning new things, you increase cellular growth in your brain.

One way to do this is through neurobics. This is a practice that involves switching things up, like using your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth or walking a different route than the one you normally take.

The best thing above all is to constantly learn new things.

To that end, here’s a list of activities you can do to increase neurogenesis with incredible resources for where you can discover how.

Learn New Languages
  1. How to learn Japanese
  2. How to become fluent in three months
  3. How to learn Esperanto
  4. How to learn Sanskrit
Learn to play an instrument
  1. Learn to play guitar
  2. Learn to play violin
  3. Learn to play piano
  4. Learn to do electronic music
Learn an artistic skill
  1. How to take pictures
  2. How to paint small metal figures
  3. How to write a book
  4. How to shoot a movie
Learn about computers
  1. Learn how to program a computer
  2. Learn how to create apps for mobiles
  3. How to create podcasts
  4. How to create a successful blog
Learn a new sport
  1. Learn martial arts
  2. Learn body building
  3. How to do rock climbing
  4. Learn Yoga
Study a different career
  1. Learn any of the subjects at the open universities of Udacity
  2. Learn any of the subjects at the open universities of Coursera
  3. Learn any subject from the MIT Open University
  4. Learn any subject through iTunesUniversity
Learn a dancing style
  1. Learn Indian Classic Dance
  2. Learn Lambada Dance
  3. Learn Break Dance
  4. Learn Tango
Learn social skills
  1. How to do public speaking
  2. How to debate
  3. How to do networking
  4. Learn about Neuro Linguistic Programming
Learn to play a new table game
  1. Learn to play chess
  2. Learn to play Go
  3. Learn to play complex table games
  4. Learn to play Scrabble in a different language
Improve your memory
  1. Learn the Memory Palace technique
  2. Learn how to associative using mnemonic images
  3. Develop your first pegword list
  4. Learn to use a 00-99 PAO System

So what do you say?

Are you ready to enhance your brain and grow new cells and connections? Give these incredible activities a try!


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