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How To Avoid Regression While Speed Reading [Training Tips]


Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t “back skip” while reading?

Or maybe you’re heard about reading regression.

What the heck is it?

In brief, some people consider “regression” a behavior we engage in when reading a book only to go back and re-read something again.

We might reread because we didn’t understand the information. Or, we do it because we suddenly get the sense our minds drifted off.

Is regression a mechanism of laziness?

Some people say so.

Others think our brain relies on the fact that you can go back and re-read anything and at any time. According to this theory, your brain relaxes and does not concentrate properly.

After all, why should it concentrate on the reading if you can check it later at anytime?

Is there any true to this?


But this theory is something a lot of speed reading “gurus” use to trick people into think their weird theories will help people read faster.

In truth, I completed a BA, two MAs and a Phd. I “regress” when I read quite often.

But what if you want to reduce this?

There is a set of exercises based on a technique you can try.

A Technique for Reducing Regression While Reading

The following technique is quite simple. it consists of reading for a given amount of time while following these principles:

  1. Commit to reading for a set amount of time. Actively focus on concentrating while you read. To get into the mindset for this level of concentration, you might find it useful to do some mild exercise or meditate first.
  2. Cover the pages you’re reading to reduce distractions. You can do this by placing a sheet over most of the page and pulling it down while you read. You’re literally removing what you just read from view. It’s a bit awkward on a tablet, but you can also use a piece of paper to create a similar effect.

Read this way for 5-10 minutes then take a break.

Finally, test this against reading without using your hands or a sheet of paper to cover the majority of the words on the page.

Gradually, you can train yourself to focus better while covering the words you’ve just read and concentrating on them with greater focus.


Are There Any Alternatives To Regression?

Yes. I prefer to use a much different reading technique. It’s based on extraction. You can learn all about it in How to Memorize a Textbook.

Give the technique a try!

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