Book Review: How To Remember Anything

How to remember any sequence of numbers, how to remember names, how to structure your learning, how to mind map a text or how to speed read any material. These are some of the teachings that you will find inside the first book of Mark Channon, one of the first people in the world to […]

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40 Activities That Challenge Your Brain

Neurogenesis is the process by which the brain generates new neurons and new connections It happens that as we get old, the neurogenesis process in our brains decreases. This affects our life by making us more difficult to learn new things (and by hence,  change our opinions or views of the world). The reason why neurogenesis […]

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How To Add and Subtract Two Numbers Mentally

I can’t calculate that! I studied arts! Or humanities, or literature, or… the excuse is always the same for not being able to perform such simple mental calculations like additions or subtractions. Mental calculation is one of the strengths of the brain that you must train. By training mental calculation you will benefit of a […]

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The Insanity Mind Manifesto

Repeat with me: I can improve my brain Your brain can stay young forever and at peak performance… if you are willing to train! You are not too old to learn new tricks. You are not too old to change your future. You are not too old to change your brain! Brain decay is avoidable if […]

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Creating the Bases of a Perfect Memory

What would you say if I told you that you can memorise as much as 2000 japanese characters in 3 months? Or what about remembering 10000 Pi numbers? And if I told you that you can remember 20 numbers that you have seen just for 1 second? Joshua Foer demonstrated on the story described on […]

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many books to speed read

10 Minutes to Double Your Reading Speed

I love to speed read! Speed reading is a stunning experience. It is great to deal with all that material you need  for your work/study/hobby in a short amount of time. But what is even better is the sensation it produces on you. Can you understand how joyful is to sit down with a new book […]

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