How To Memorize Scientific Papers

Scientists have to read many papers in order to be up to date of the latests scientific results. Remembering the important data of each paper and knowing from which paper a specific fact comes is an important issue if you want to take profit of reading them. However, even if we read many papers, we barely remember […]

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Avoid Regression When Speed Reading

Regression is the behavior we engage when reading a book and we go back to re-read something we already read in order to be sure if we really understood the message we read. Regression is just a mechanism of laziness. Our brain relies in the fact that you can go back and re-read at any time, […]

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How To Memorize Your Speech

If you need to deliver a speech and have problems remembering it, you have come to the correct place. Remembering a speech is an easy thing if you have the correct methodology. Most people rely on repeating the speech so many times that it sticks to their minds. However, that approach is far from optimal, […]

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Teach Your Brain To Be More Creative

The goal is not to think more but to think better. Creativity is just about that: how to think better. Being more creative, that is, thinking better, will become a competitive advantage for you  in the world of business and individuals. Let’s find how you can do it! There are two kind of people: those […]

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How To Be More Present: Mindful Conversation

Mindful conversation is about being fully present in a conversation. When you are engaged on a mindful conversation, your whole attention is concentrated in what the speaker is saying. You loose contact with your worries and engage completely in the current situation. Mindful conversation is like a meditation, but where the object of meditation is not the […]

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The Last Frontier: Mental Square Roots!!

Now, that is impressive! Mental calculation of square roots?!? I can barely calculate square roots on paper!! How would I be able to calculate square roots on my mind? Well, I can assure you that it is possible, and it is easier than you think. You can impress everybody at your job when in the need of […]

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