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Increase Eidetic Memory: Is It Possible And How To Do It?

If you want to increase eidetic memory so you can recall information faster, let me compliment you.

Developing your ability to recall word, images, sounds or objects with high precision is an incredibly powerful skill.

Anyone can improve it too.

Typically, however, most adults have very poor eidetic memory.

But the good news is that it can be increased with proper training.  Doing so will help improve your rate of recall, and potentially also your reading speed.

This post will show you how you can train your eidetic memory.

How To Increase Eidetic Memory

To train your eidetic memory, you’ll want to focus on five key activities:

  • Spatial memory
  • Verbal memory
  • Visual memory
  • Quantity training
  • Speed training

Spatial Memory Training

The best way to increase your spatial memory is to use a Memory Palace.

You’ve probably heard of this technique as the “Mind Palace” technique from Sherlock Holmes.

It’s very simple:

You imagine locations and you imagine associations in those locations. If you want to remember the word “lemon” from a list, for example, you imagine a lemon on your couch.

You can scale your Memory Palaces to accomodate thousands of memory. We’ll talk more about that in a moment.

Verbal Memory Training

To train your verbal memory, use a Memory Palace to memorize words.

A great online training app for that is provided by the International Association of Memory. Choose the 5-minutes word option in your preferred language and then start to training.

Visual Memory Training

There are many ways to train your visual memory. These range from mind mapping to meditation. Here are a number of visual memory exercises you can try.

Reading is also highly visual. As you read, focus on each and every word. Practice visualizing each and every detail while going as fast as you can.

Also, try visualize abstract concepts.

Dr. Anthony Metivier is a memory expert who gives detailed steps on how to visualize even the most obscure concepts by changing them into pictures:

Quantity Training

As you work with memory exercises, you’ll want to gradually increase the amount you can memorize.

This will come from working with different kinds of information. You can train with words, numbers, playing cards and abstract images. You can also test yourself using art books or even visits to an art gallery.

The point is to set benchmarks. Learn to master memorizing 5 items, then push to 10, 15, 20 and so on.

Speed Training

The two main ways to train for speed memorizing are:

  • Increasing the amount of information you can memorize by gradually decreasing the amount of allotted time
  • Increasing the amount of distractions you face after mastering certain time constraints

For the second part, you’ll want to put on music or memorize in noisy places like cafes. It’s very challenging, but will improve your focus and concentration at the same time it boosts your eidetic memory.


Anyone can improve eidetic memory. And the reason you want to do it isn’t just so you can participate in a speed memory competition.

You want to do it so you can learn faster, remember more and enjoy a much finer life because you have so much more wisdom. Here you’ll find much more on the possibilities that come from improving your eidetic memory.

They are life changing!

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