Every man can, if he so desires, become the sculptor of his own brain – Santiago Ramón y Cajal

You have been in a comfortable situation for a long time… too long time.

Now, life forces you to change. But your brain is not the same of years ago. You have more experience, but you have lost your spark. You have more knowledge, but you think slower. You have created an instinct, but you feel lazy when more than that is required.

You may hear that this is the normal process of life, included in the process of aging… not at all!

Age is not important, time is!

Your brain laziness is only due to years of not challenging it or making it learn new things. You have been too long on your comfortable zone.

Now, the good news are that you can redesign your brain by training it in several disciplines. This site will teach you how to sharp your brain again and start thinking faster, better and with more resources.

By following Insanity Mind workouts you will also learn useful brain tools that improve your professional life, including:

  • How to calm your mind and reduce stress
  • How to memorise almost anything
  • How to triple your reading and calculus speeds
  • How to be in shape (body shape)
  • How to feed your brain with the most convenient foods
  • How to use all this to achieve your career plan

That is why this method has been called the martial arts of brain training. Not only makes you recover your brain fitness but also teaches you something useful while training!

In our posts you will find an explanation of the brain fitness techniques together with the specific workouts you will need to master those techniques. The workouts are insanely tough in order to bring your brain to the peak. And let me tell you, you are going to love it!

So, subscribe right now to the mailing list for the free workout book and start upgrading your brain now!



About me

My name is SAM_1080Rick T.  (rickt@insanitymind.com), and I work as a researcher on Artificial Intelligence.

Trying to learn new ways of how to make machines think by themselves, I learned about the mechanisms by which brain declines with age. Further research brought me to how can we put the brain back in shape again, and even increase its abilities.

I applied those techniques to myself and found they work incredibly fine.


In the long way, I owned the following certificates:

Now I want to share my knowledge with everybody. My reasons are threefold:

  • You get the mental energy required to achieve your dreams and goals.
  • Having a fully operational mind forever will make you independent for the rest of your life.
  • On a society with people with upgraded brains the concept of retirement will disappear. Nobody will require assistance at old ages since they will be perfectly able to assists themselves (actually, people would require no assistance at all).

This is my way of improving the world…

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