Welcome To Insanity Mind, Your N.1 Source For Brain Fitness


You can stay at your thirties for the rest of your life!

This is Insanity Mind! A website dedicated to extreme brain training.




From these pages, we will show you how to modify your brain through exercises for the mind. And we are going to push your limits…

Those who change their brains change their life.

By following Insanity Mind you will realise the following three points:

  1. First, if you improve your brain, you improve your life. The quality of your life is directly linked to the performance of your brain.
  2. Second, your brain abilities do not have to decline with age. You can avoid dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  3. Third, you can do with your brain more features than you believe. What about learning 2000 japanese characters in three months? Or reading 300 pages in one sitting?

With Insanity Mind, you can have the best brain shape of your life. Be more focused, be sharper, be faster. If you follow us from week to week, you are going to complete the process that will literally upgrade your brain.

In the process of upgrading, you will not only make your brain faster, more attentive and with a more powerful working memory. Also, you will learn useful techniques for your daily life, like how to remember everybody’s name at a party, how to relax on stressful situations or how to perform mental calculations quickly, to name a few.

You will become the sculptor of your own brain!

Sculpturing your brain requires training. And training requires techniques… but also workouts.

The main information we will be sharing here are techniques and workouts for your mind. And those workouts will be insane (in the sense that they will be very though). We are talking about extreme brain fitness, so the workouts have to be extreme. Nevertheless, this does not imply that some people cannot do it.

You can do it!

Anybody can do the workouts. Insanity Mind is not about making you reach a given level of mental performance, but about pushing the limits of your brain.

Every body has different brain limits, based on their age, genes and personal history. Hence, the only that matters here is that you reach your limits and go beyond them. And here is the trick: everybody can improve their brain little by little, and by doing this improvement, upgrade their brain. Everybody. Period.

Our goal is that you improve… and you will… because our experience in training people shows that everybody does!!

Ready to start?

If you are convinced and ready to start training, sign up in our mailing list and receive a free copy of the training workbook. The book will allow you to keep track of your training along a three month process. Furthermore, every week you will receive an email with the exercises of the week. And all of this for free!!

C’mon, join us and experience and upgraded brain in three months!

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2 Responses to Welcome To Insanity Mind, Your N.1 Source For Brain Fitness

  1. Kevin 30/04/2016 at 22:59 #

    Quisiera formar parte del entrenamiento

    • Rick T. 02/05/2016 at 12:08 #

      Estupendo Kevin! Para empezar tu entrenamiento gratuito, solo tienes que suscribirte utilizando el formulario gris que hay en esta pagina a la derecha, un poco más arriba.

      Adelante, te estamos esperando!

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