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Mathemagics is a wonderful mobile software for learning and practising mental math. Yes, you can use it for both things: learn, and practice. And everything in your mobile phone!

Developed by Blue Lightning Labs, the program contains three modes: Lessons, Practice and Play.

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On the Lessons mode, you will find many, many, many lessons about how to calculate mentally and quickly. Every lesson teaches a specific mental math trick, step by step. The program includes very specific and very general lessons. You can find lessons about How to Round number multiplications, How to multiply by 11 or How to divide any number by 5. Every lesson leads to a practice of the lesson.

On the Practice mode, you can practice what you have learnt. It is a shortcut to the same practices that you can access through the lessons. Nice if you just want to go straight to the practice.

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Finally, the most interesting mode for mind trainers is the Play mode. In that mode, you can practice your mental skills, but in a challenging game against time. Under the Race the clock option you will have to set an amount of time and then select the mental math trick that you want to train. When the game starts, you will have to answer as quick as possible the series of questions that will test you in the math trick you are training. The goal is to correctly perform as many questions as possible, and the next time, increase that number. That is what will make you progress and train your brain.

The program keeps a record of your achievements and even scores you with different levels of mastery.


There are actually no big complains or drawbacks about this app. Just to name two small ones:

  1. Even if the lessons are well structured with step points, sometimes the explanations are a little bit obscure.
  2. The app is only available on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) for 1.99$. There is also a version for Mac computers.


Even if there are other programs for training mental math, Mathemagics is the best of all the programs that I have reviewed and it is the perfect tool for training mental math. For when, the Android version?

Note: if you want a similar app for Android, you can try Math Attack.


Stay tuned to this website for specific training exercises with this program.


photo credit: solofotones via photopin cc

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