The Insanity Mind Morning Routine


I always hear the same: Rick, I don’t have the time to perform the training you are suggesting. I have so many things to do that I cannot train my brain, train my body and do meditation, together with all the things I have to do along the day.

Fair enough. I understand. We are so busy in our lives that when the time comes to training and maintaining our body-mind system, we decide to postpone it because we already have it working properly.

In this post I’m not going to tell you why that strategy of postponing training is not good for you, but to try to convince you train at least some basics in order to maintain your body-mind system under a minimum level of effectiveness.

This is the routine that I do when I travel abroad and I don’t have the time nor the space to do my normal training. It is a training routine designed to stretch our body and mind, and it has been optimized to take the most benefit in the minimum amount of time: 25 minutes.

In 25 minutes you are going to do the following things:

  • boost up your metabolism, which will increase calories consumption of your body and make you loose fat
  • train all your main muscles, which will make you stronger
  • give a boost to your cardio system, which will keep your body in shape
  • increase your creation of BDNF, which will allow your brain to create new neuron cells
  • increase blood flow to your brain, which will allow your brain to perform better in the next activity you are about to do
  • reduce stress
  • become more mindful

The Training Routine

The training routine contains the two most important parts to maintain the brain in perfect conditions: physical exercise and meditation. Since we are short in time, we do not include pure brain training, since it is the less important part of any brain training program.

The training routine is composed of two parts:

  1. The 7 minutes workout
  2. Meditation

I am not going to explain how to do any of them since they have been explained already in previous post. If you do not know how to do them, just visit the links above, learn the training, and then come back here.

With the 7 minutes workout you are going to train your body for cardio and strength. It is a 7 minutes workout that actually lasts for 9’30 minutes (due to the 30 seconds rest periods in between each exercise). You have to try to do it at your maximum intensity. By doing this workout first you will affect your brain training like follows:

  • Cardio training increases the amount of blood that goes to the brain. Hence that is the main reason the Insanity Mind morning routine starts with the cardio exercise. By doing this exercise first, the brain will have extra blood when doing the meditation part of the training.
  • Recently, scientific studied found that cardio exercise increases the generation of BDNF which are used for the creation of new neurons. Then, during the meditation phase, you will be teaching your brain what to do with those BDNF in order to improve meditation.

With the 15 minutes of meditation you are going to reduce your stress and prepare your mind for with is about to come along the day.


The Workout

Perform the following routine each day, first thing in the morning. Doing it like I suggest will have the most profound effect in both your body and your mind. Also you will experience a feeling of fulfillment along the whole day because your training would be already done. If you achieve to do this like a habit, then it will be very easy for you to keep doing it along your whole life, increasing your quality of life for the rest of your life.

Do not eat anything prior to the training to increase the effect of loosing fat.

Use the Insight Timer app to control your meditation time and configure it to generate a gong each 5 minutes of meditation.

  1. Start the seven minutes workout
  2. Relax for 1 minute
  3. Start meditating for 15 minutes with a gong each 5 minutes
    1. First 5 minutes focus on scanning your body and relaxing tensions in muscles
    2. Next 5 minutes focus on the breath
    3. Next 5 minutes focus on observing your thoughts


The previous routine contains the minimum amount of training for your brain and body to keep both in good shape. Use it if you don’t have more time for training for whatever the reason. This is not a routine that will make you improve very much in your current mental or body state but it will allow you to keep. It is like cleaning home to have it clean or to have a decent amount of cleanliness.

If your problem is a continuous problem of not having time for it, I recommend you to stick to this routine at least for three months and then, once you are used to it, consider taking serious steps to train yourself each day.

photo credit: Pomaia via photopin (license)
photo credit: The Fog at Veterans Park via photopin (license)

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