The Insanity Mind Brain-Body Shake


In this post, I will show you how to prepare a post body-training shake that enhances both the body and the brain, at the same time that it serves as one of the meals of the day.

If you are familiar with the Insanity Mind method, you know how important is body training for the mind. If you train weights, then you know how important is to have a protein shake after training.  It is possible to complement your shake with some other elements that will make it more healthy for your brain at the same time that more delicious. If correctly prepared, it can also serve as a complete meal for the day. Let’s see how can we prepare it and what contains,  as well as the reasons why.

The Components

To prepare the shake you will need the following components:

  • Whey proteins

isobb-2they contain the building blocks for the muscle recovery. They should be free of sugar and free or artificial sweeteners. If no sweet at all is too hard for you, select at least a protein that is aspartame free. Protein powder can be with or without carbs. Since we are going to add carbs latter on the shake, I recommend to use a powder without carbs, but this depends on the kind of training you are doing. In my case, I use Isopure without carbs with different flavors, sometimes with no flavor at all (yes, sometimes I also want to have my dose of sweet!). Take a couple of scoops.




  • Collagen powder. I add this component to help the joints recover after training. Maintaining good joints is vital in order to keep mobility for the rest of your life, independently of your age. I use Neo Cell Super Collagen because it is served in powder and contains collagen types 1 & 3. Take a single scoop.



  • 41GFl5RHGaLSunflower lecithin. Lecithin is a source of choline, one of the components of the neurotransmitters. Those proteins can be obtained from different lecithin products, like for example soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin. However, some studies have shown that soy products that are not fermented, can have bad effects over the health, by increasing estrogen levels and reducing thestosterone. That is why we prefer to use sunflower lecithin which provides the advantages of lecithin without the inconvenients of non fermented soy. Read a full list of advantages of sunflower lecithin here. I use Sunflower Lecithin Non-Gmo. Take a couple of scoops.


  • Bleu-Berries-TeeBeeWee-sxcBlueberries. They are one of the best sources of antioxidants for the brain. They will also provide the amount of carbs that you need to recover from the training. Add the amount of berries that you want (I like a good amount).



This is very simple. Just put all the ingredients in a mixer and add either milk or water at will. Whether to put milk or water will depend on your taste and the number of calories you wan to consume. Usually, milk based shakes have better taste but have also more calories (for a cup, 146 Kcal for whole milk, 122 Kcal for 2% fat milk). It just depends on you.

Once you have everything in the mixer, start you mixer to build your shake. Mix until it has the texture you want. Add a couple of ice cubes if you like it fresh.

Now drink it…. aaaaahhhhh!!!!!


I have shown you the basic Insanity Mind Brain-Body shake. There are many variations to this shake. You can change blueberries by other fruit like strawberries or blackberries. You can also add other fruits different than berries like bananas. However, by using berries you maximize the amount of antioxidants you are taking. Other modifications are also possible…

Do you have a shake suggestion? Share it with us here!



photo credit: Blueberry Oatmeal Maple Smoothie via photopin (license)

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