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How To Measure Your Reading Speed

  If you are learning speed reading you need to keep a record of your progress. Monitoring your reading speed as your train will allow you to observe your advances, and, when none is observed, detect where there is a problem and correct it. Hence, you need to know your reading speed. You should measure three things […]

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A Complete Video Course To Learn Speed Reading

The following videos shape a three hours complete course to speed reading. They cover all the main subjects to master speed reading, those are, the technique for reading faster, the exercises required to increase comprehension (while doing speed reading), how to increase concentration while reading, and how to remember more when reading. Worth watching it since it […]

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Body Exercises That Improve Your Brain

Any exercise benefits your brain. But SBSB exercises have been specially targeted to improve your brain at the same time that your body. Super Body Super Brain (SBSB) is a body exercise program created by Michael González-Wallace, whose objective is to get you in shape and, at the same time, enhance your brain. It is based […]

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Challenge Your Brain by Doing a Trip

There is nothing more enriching than traveling. It makes you know other places and cultures, changes your points of view… and allows you to use it to challenge your brain! Any trip challenges your brain, because you move outside of your comfort zone. However, you can make your travel a huge challenge for your brain, […]

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20 Guided Meditations For Beginners

Many people that start meditating find easier to meditate with a guided meditation. A guided meditation is a meditation in which somebody (an experienced meditator) guides the beginner with his voice. The conductor indicates at every moment what the listener has to do in order to meditate. Many guided meditations also contain music in the […]

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