How To Perform a Walking Meditation


We usually attach meditation to being seated alone, quiet and without any movement. If that is right for the core of meditation, the final purpose of meditation is to bring it to all your situations of life, not only those special moments where you seat. The goal is to make your whole life a living meditation. At that point, you will be completely mindful in your life and free from stress.

One additional step towards this goal is to practice meditation while doing some physical activity. And a good way to start it is by meditating while walking. The following meditation technique will help you practice meditation while walking.

The Technique

Actually is a very simple technique that works like the basic meditation. While walking, bring your attention to the movements and sensations you are experiencing. Every time the attention moves to another subject, just bring it back to the movement without criticism or being angry.

The following exercise will help you practise that


  • Select a quiet place where you can perform some steps around it (a room without many stuff around is OK)
  • Start standing still and bringing attention to your body
  • Focus your attention on the feeling of your feet as they touch the ground. Stay there for a while feeling it.
  • Now, take a step forward. For that, lift one foot while keeping your attention on the whole movement, and put it back on the ground one step beyond. While doing it think in your mind that you are lifting the foot and then putting it down. Stay there for a short moment.
  • Repeat the same movement with the other foot.
  • Concentrate again on your body sensations for a couple of minutes.
  • Repeat the process for several steps.
  • If you have reached a place where you would like to turn, then turn while concentrating on the movement. Repeat in your mind that you are turning.
  • Once you have turned, concentrate again in your body sensations on the feet. Stay there for a minute
  • Perform more steps in the other direction, and repeat the whole process until your meditation time is up.

The Workout

At this point in time, you should have already mastered the Basic Meditation Technique as described in the post Stress Reduction For Dummies. If you don’t, go back to that post and achieve mastery on it before starting with the walking meditation. You should practice basic meditation from Monday to Sunday for over a month before attempting the walking one. Once you have done it, follow the next workout.


  • Substitute your basic meditations on Sundays for a walking meditation. Start doing 5 minutes of walking meditation.
  • Every week increase a minute your walking meditation until you reach 30 minutes.
  • Then change the day of the week you perform the walking meditation at random.
  • Try to apply it to your daily life, while you are working on the street, at work, at the underground, etc…

If your experience with Basic Meditation was awkward, how is your experience with Walking Meditation?

photo credit: Stefano Liboni via photopin cc

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