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If you need to deliver a speech and have problems remembering it, you have come to the correct place. Remembering a speech is an easy thing if you have the correct methodology. Most people rely on repeating the speech so many times that it sticks to their minds. However, that approach is far from optimal, specially if your speech is long (imagine having to repeat the speech for your thesis defence or the keynote of a major conference. Those usually are between 30 to 1 hour long.).

In this post, you are going to learn a method to memorize a speech making use of already teached brain training skills. In order to take the most of this post, you will need to master memory palaces and how to create visualizations. If you do not know what I’m talking about, you better go back to two of our previous posts:

So before starting with the technique, I assume that you already have some experience with memory palaces and that you have already created one memory palace for yourself with at least 10 locations. You also know how to create visualizations in your mind. If that is not the case, do not try to build the house by starting at the roof. Go to those posts and master them.

Let’s go now to describe the technique.

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The technique is very simple, provided that you already master visualizations and mental palaces.

The steps are the following:

  • Assuming that you have already written your speech, now you have to prepare it for being memorized. For this purpose, follow the next steps:
    1. You must learn by rote memory the first sentence of the speech. This is very simple and very straightforward. It will allow you to start the speech with confidence.
    2. Identify the different main parts that your speech has apart from the first sentence. Each part should be one of the key points or concepts that you want to express with your speech.
    3. Create a clear image for each part identified of your speech. The image has to represent the key concept of the point identified in the previous step. Use all the
  • Use the memory palace to link each image to one location. Your memory palace has to have at least as many locations as points has your speech. At each location, create the image of the point of your speech you want to encode. Remember: the image has to be clear  and contain as many senses as possible. Include action.
  • Then review the journey along the memory palace. Review it once forward a once backwards. Repeat another time.
  • If you still have time until the day of the delivery, I would recommend you to review the speech (both forward and backwards) the next day, then after 3 days and then after 7 days.
  • When delivering the speech, just follow the journey to get in your mind the main points and ideas, and then use them to express the concepts encoded in them. Bear in mind that this process requires from you some practice on doing all the next steps:
    • Follow your memory palace
    • Extract the key concept
    • Convert it into the sentence it originally meant
    • Deliver it in loud voice
  • Practice the whole process several times before going to the speech.

The Workout

Practice memorizing already done speeches along two weeks. Each exercise is composed of a two days work. The first day you must memorize the speech. The second day you have to  deliver the speech infront of the mirror. Follow the instructions below.

Perform the following workout for two weeks, this means practice with 5 speeches.


  • Depending on the day of your training, select one of the following free speeches:
  • On odd days do the following:
    • Extract form the speech the main points and generate the images for each one.
    • Link the speech to your memory palace, using the visualizations you created
    • Repeat the journey four times in your mind. Two times moving fordward along the journey, and two times moving backwards along the journey.
  • On even days put yourself infront of the mirror and deliver the speech in loud voice while retrieving it from your memory palace.


Using your already acquired brain skills it is very easy to remember a speech. Even if you find this method a little strange, I would recommend you to give it a try if your speech is very important. It could happen that you feel better with your old method for memorization. That is good if you feel good about it. But if you also have  in case something fails you can have this method as a backup and provide you ahint in case you got stocked during your delivering.

And if you want to actually practise a lot how to deliver speeches, I recommend you to attend to a Toastmasters club, to bring your speeches to the next level.


photo credit: jurvetson via photopin cc

photo credit: Alex Akopyan via photopin cc

photo credit: jurvetson via photopin cc

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