Why Should You Meditate?


Most of the people I train have goals far away from meditation. Mainly they want to increase their reading speed, or their ability mentally calculate. Some want to be the best at memory championships.
When I mention them that the basis for their training is meditation, they say ‘Sure… But let’s go to the subject!’. They do not believe how important is meditation for all those other goals.

In this post I want to expose the benefits and drawbacks of meditation.

The benefits of meditationorigin_6658856291

  • Number one effect from my point of view: it reduces stress. By proving a different way of looking at thoughts and emotions, you learn to handle problems from a different psychological point of view that generates less stress.
  • Increases gray matter in the insula, hippocampus and prefrontal cortex, reducing cortical thinning due to ageing. All those areas are related to muscle control, seeing, hearing, memory, emotions, and speech
  • Improves attention and empathy. Then, you experience memory improvement, creativity increase and faster reaction times.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps a variety of medical conditions like cardio vascular disease, asthma and chronic pain.
  • Meditation has great calming effects. It reduces the effects in numerous psychological problems like insomnia, anxiety or depression, because while meditating, the production of melatonin increases and at the same time, decreases the production of cortisol (the stress hormone).
  • It makes easier to concentrate on what you want to do allowing to procrastinate less.
  • It actually increases students’ test scores!

As you can see, not only meditation is healthy, but it can also help you to achieve your goal of improving at a giving mental skill. That is the reason I believe.

It is true that in the Insanity Mind training, health comes first. That is why meditation is the foundation of the method. But then, brain improvement comes second. And that is why meditation is at the foundation too!

The drawbacks of meditation

None. Zero. And that is all what I have to say about the drawbacks of meditation. Dot.

Now, do you want to meditate?

If you now understand that you have to meditate, you can start doing the following steps:

  1. Start reading the post Stress reduction for dummies and practice the workout included for a week.
  2. Then continue with this post that will help you increase your meditation time day by day, minute by minute, along 20 days: 20 guided meditations for beginners.
  3. Finally, try something different by meditating while performing a physical activity. Follow this post How to perform a walking meditation.


Now it is your turn. Start meditating… or not. You decide.




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