Interviewing the World Fastest Memorizer Ramón Campayo


 Last Saturday I met Ramón Campayo the fastest memorizer of the world (and my sensei!) holding more than 100 world records of memorization. He is also the creator of the Speed Memory International Championship, a championship were not only great memorization skills are required, but also require a strong memorization speed.

We talked about the training for speed memory and its relation to daily life. These are his answers (on the picture, Ramón Campayo and his wife Chus García, the 4th fastest memorizer of the world).

  • Why did you create the Speed Memory competition? What are the particularities of this competition compared to other memory competitions?

Speed memory competitions are extremely interesting and exciting because of the speed of the disciplines. The competition requires an very deep concentration, clearly contributing to the development of the most important mental capacities: concentration, speed reading and speed memorization, mental processing, retentive, mental control, etc.

  • Do you have to have a special age in order to obtain good results at the competition?
No, it is only required to train in a constant manner in order to obtain good results.


  • Training for Speed Memory does it affects in any way the normal life of people? How does their life improve?
Well, not only will they improve their mental strength, but it also makes your subconscious an ally of you. During the competition, you find yourself completely alone. After the competition, this loneliness  implies a higher motivation for life with more energy and stamina. The adrenaline that you generate during the competition becomes a stimulation, and creates a healthy dependency. Any body that participates at the championship becomes addicted to it automatically!


  • Is the training for Speed Memory independent of speed reading training, or there is a kind of connection between them?
Speed reading means just that, reading really fast. It is exactly the same as with speed memory, which means memorizing really fast. Speed reading is also a very interesting field of mind training, but you have to be careful because it is plenty of frauds.


  • Can you tell us something about your daily training routine?
Given my scientific approach to it, I gave a lot of importance to the technique. There is no training that I do where I check and modify something about the technique. Apart from that, I understand that the speed of processing has to be very high for each test of the competition. Hence, I work on improving that.


  • Do you practice any sport? And what about stress reduction techniques?
I do perform weight lifting and body maintenance at the gym. About the stress, the best anti-stress diet is to have a motivation for what you want to fight, and do frequently things that you like.


  • You have been already several years in the memory competition field. Have you noticed any decline in your skills as you age?
Are you calling me old?!?! Ha, ha, ha 😉 Not at all! I haven’t noticed decline. Furthermore, there is a lot of youngsters coming strong to the competitions, so there is no time for decline!.


Thank you Ramón for your time, and wish you the best at the next International Speed Memory Competition to be held in Valencia next 24th of May 2014. I’ll meet you there, also participating!


And for all the interested readers, the whole Speed Memory International Competition event (24th of May 2014) will be broadcast by Insanity Mind for all the people of the world. You can watch it live for free through this livestream channel.

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