The Insanity Mind Manifesto

Repeat with me: I can improve my brain

Your brain can stay young forever and at peak performance… if you are willing to train!

You are not too old to learn new tricks. You are not too old to change your future. You are not too old to change your brain!

Brain decay is avoidable if you want to. It is your option. You can stop brain decay.  You can perform at your forties in the same way as you did at your thirties. And at your fifties, and at your sixties, and at your …


Age does not matter. Time does.

It is not your age what makes you slow, unable to follow, exhausted. It is the time you have spent in your comfort zone. The time you spend in your comfort zone will determine you brain performance. Avoid your comfort zone. And your brain will give you its best.

Get out of your comfort zone! Accept uncomfort as a basic component of life.

And when you need it, take a rest. But afterwards, move! You can perform at full power for the rest of your life, if you are willing to move. Move, move, move!

The brain is not made to watch TV or for retirement. It is made to solve challenges. Forget TV. Forget retirement. Provide challenges to your brain on a daily basis. It will stay fit for the rest of your life.


Take challenges!

Challenge your brain by learning new things. Your brain loves to learn new things. Learn a new skill or ability. Learn to play an instrument. Learn a new language. Or learn how to tattoo. But learn. Just learn.

Challenge your brain avoiding repetition of patterns: don’t go to the same places, don’t drink the same drinks, don’t talk to the same people. Instead, travel a lot. Socialize with unknown people. Try new foods. Discover different ways of doing the same things.

And challenge your brain with specific exercises. Perform brain fitness exercises. Practice memory techniques. Practice speed reading. Practice fast calculation methods. Use this opportunity to learn useful skills at the same time that you exercise your brain. Take the martial art approach to brain fitness.

And don’t forget your body…


Mind and body are connected.

Stretch your body to stretch your brain. Stretch your mind to stretch your brain. Brain training involves mind-body training.

What the body does affects the mind. Improve your brain by working hard at gym. Use weights. Run. Swim. Whatever. But shake your body.

What the mind does affects the body. Improve your body by releasing the mind. Meditate to reduce stress. Meditate to let go. Meditate to enjoy more life.

Those who change their brain change their life.

To the hell with genetics! To the hell with age! Neuroplasticity is at your rescue. But you have to use it.

And while training, focus on progress not in the actual numbers. Don’t get discouraged by your performance and keep training. You will improve. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

A better version of you is possible. And it starts by changing your brain by a superior version. By upgrading your brain. Your brain 2.0.

Now, are you ready to upgrade your brain?


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