Insanely Training My Mind!

(This is a guest post by Albert Pumarola)

I’m terrible with names!

I have a bad memory!

Those were the kind of sentences I used to say a few months ago, but not any more. Two months ago I started training my brain with the Insanity Mind program and since then learning things such as names and telephones are a doodle.

albertThe first day I started training I thought that it would take a while to improve my memory and brain agility, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. There were some techniques that by just applying them the improvements were instantaneous. For example, by just following three simple steps I was able to remember names with no effort.

Since day one I started following the personalized program that Insanity Mind proposed me. In that program there were defined the techinques to learn and how to practice them. In that program there were defined the techniques to learn and how to practice them. It also contained a well defined calendar which indicated the exercises to be done for each day of the week. 45 minutes of training every day. The first two weeks of my training I felt like I was improving really fast with the use of those techniques but suddenly in my 3th week that velocity decreased. I though I was doing something wrong. Why suddenly the training felt much harder?. I decided to call Rick T. (the creator of the Insanity Mind program) to try to find out what was happening. It turned out to be that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, the training was just getting harder.albert2

As it is said “No glory without effort”, 45 minutes of hard training a day. During my training more doubts appeared and whenever I called Rick he was really nice and patient with me.

After a few weeks training I wanted to test my new skills, find out what I was capable of doing after a month and a half training. That is why I decided to participate in the international speed-memory competition alongside the world fastest memorizers. In order to practice for this competition the Insanity Mind program started to organize meetings every Saturday with all the people following the program. In those meetings we used to do some mock practice and after three weeks the date of the competition had arrived.

The competition was held at a public school in Valencia so, with the whole Insanity Mind Team, I headed down south to Valencia to test my memory skills. The experience was amazing. In the competition people were sharing their memory techniques and cheering each other up. There, I was able to memorize 12 decimals in 1 second and 33 binaries in 4 seconds. That was crazy!!


I had been training for just one month!! At the end of the competition I captured 24th place out of 29 participants with a total amount of 3211 points. Because of how much I enjoyed that competition, right now I’m training to participate in the next year speed-memory world championship competition in London.

I train to improve my brain skills and prevent brain diseases but at the end of the day, I train because it’s fun!!

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