A Complete Video Course To Learn Speed Reading


The following videos shape a three hours complete course to speed reading. They cover all the main subjects to master speed reading, those are, the technique for reading faster, the exercises required to increase comprehension (while doing speed reading), how to increase concentration while reading, and how to remember more when reading.

Worth watching it since it explains all the basics that will make you jump and double or even triple your reading speed, increase your comprehension and even focus better on what you are reading. If you master those techniques, then you will not only able to read faster but also to remember more.

Let’s start!

How to read faster

How to increase your reading comprehension

How to increase concentration

How to remember more of what you read



Now you know how to do it. But as one of the videos said, you are not going to become a speed reader just by knowing the technique, but by practicing them. It is your time to practice.

Start practising as described on the videos. If you want a complete set of workouts for training, you can read my previous posts that include complete workouts, those are:

If you need more guidance, you can just enroll the Insanity Mind free training program, that will provide you with a complete workbook, weekly instructions and weekly workouts to increase your brain capacity, including speed memory. Fill in the form below:



photo credit: Erwan François via photopin cc

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