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Using Anki for Spaced Repetition

  Anki is one of the best programs for spaced repetition available. If you do not know what spaced repetition is, just read our previous post about the subject here. Anki is available for almost any computer and device (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and web browsers). It allows you to take control of your study while […]

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Train Mental Math With Mathemagics

Mathemagics is a wonderful mobile software for learning and practising mental math. Yes, you can use it for both things: learn, and practice. And everything in your mobile phone! Developed by Blue Lightning Labs, the program contains three modes: Lessons, Practice and Play.          On the Lessons mode, you will find many, many, many […]

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A Basic List of Apps to Train Your Brain

Train your brain, but do it properly! You need some stuff to actually perform your training. Here, mobile apps come to the rescue. What follows is a list of the best apps I’ve found to train your brain in the different disciplines Insanity Mind is based. You will not find below apps for doing sudokus, […]

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