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Avoid Regression When Speed Reading

Regression is the behavior we engage when reading a book and we go back to re-read something we already read in order to be sure if we really understood the message we read. Regression is just a mechanism of laziness. Our brain relies in the fact that you can go back and re-read at any time, […]

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Skimming Is Reading At Light Speed!

Skimming a text means extracting the essence of the text without having to read the whole text. Skimming is not speed reading. While in speed reading you are getting all the details of the text but a very high speed, by skimming you discard a lot of (detailed) information. However, with a proper skimming technique you can […]

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Increase Your Peripheral Vision

The peripheral vision is the vision that you have on the sides of the center of the vision. It is a vision with less resolution than the central one, but it can be very helpful in brain training if used wisely.  This article will show you how. Why should I improve my peripheral vision? By […]

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How To Measure Your Reading Speed

  If you are learning speed reading you need to keep a record of your progress. Monitoring your reading speed as your train will allow you to observe your advances, and, when none is observed, detect where there is a problem and correct it. Hence, you need to know your reading speed. You should measure three things […]

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A Complete Video Course To Learn Speed Reading

The following videos shape a three hours complete course to speed reading. They cover all the main subjects to master speed reading, those are, the technique for reading faster, the exercises required to increase comprehension (while doing speed reading), how to increase concentration while reading, and how to remember more when reading. Worth watching it since it […]

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Speed Up Your Reading by Reducing Subvocalization

Subvocalizing means hearing your own voice while reading. Even if you do not pronounce the text loud, you are pronouncing it in your mind while reading.  Subvocalization is a remanent of our early days at school when we were taught to learn how to read by repeating loud voice. It limits your reading speed because you […]

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Developing a Sense of Urgency When Reading

No more dawdling while reading! Years of reading at your own pace may have created in you some habits that prevent you from reading at full speed. You may wander around the text, become distracted by the surroundings, or passively follow words without being conscious about it. Very likely, you are reading the book waiting for […]

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10 Minutes to Double Your Reading Speed

I love to speed read! Speed reading is a stunning experience. It is great to deal with all that material you need  for your work/study/hobby in a short amount of time. But what is even better is the sensation it produces on you. Can you understand how joyful is to sit down with a new book […]

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