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How To Memorize Scientific Papers

Scientists have to read many papers in order to be up to date of the latests scientific results. Remembering the important data of each paper and knowing from which paper a specific fact comes is an important issue if you want to take profit of reading them. However, even if we read many papers, we barely remember […]

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How To Memorize Your Speech

If you need to deliver a speech and have problems remembering it, you have come to the correct place. Remembering a speech is an easy thing if you have the correct methodology. Most people rely on repeating the speech so many times that it sticks to their minds. However, that approach is far from optimal, […]

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Training Your Attention

When the Buddha was asked about the most important training that one can do to achieve a peaceful mind, he replied, Attention! Attention is the cognitive ability of concentrating your mind on an aspect of the environment, while discarding the rest. By using attention, you can be focused on what you need, becoming concentrated in the activity you want. Having […]

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How To Train For a Fast Memory Championship (I)

Training for a memory championship is one of the best things you can do in order to improve your brain. The training for a championship will make you master the memory techniques. But on top of that, training for a championship will stretch your brain, challenging it. And as you know, this blog is about challenging the brain. The (good) stress that […]

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Optimal Memorization With Spaced Repetition

The technique is called spaced repetition. Basically, it consists of  programming the repetition of what you want to remember at the optimal times. When you try to learn and remember some stuff, the common method is to repeat what you have learnt many times, in order to make it stick to your memory. You would repeat […]

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How To Increase Your Eidetic Memory

The eidetic memory  is an ability to recall images, sounds or objects in memory with high precision for a few seconds without using mnemonics. It is the closest thing to photographic memory (which actually, does not exist!). Eidetic memory is very poor in adults, but it can be increased with proper training. This post will show you how you can […]

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Building Your Memory Palaces

What is a memory palace? It is a mental structure that can help you memorize anything in an easy and sticky way. By using it, you can quickly memorize what you need and remember it at the time you need. Basically, it consists of defining a set of locations in your mind. Then, use those […]

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Improve Your Memory Using Visualizations

Today, we are going to practice a skill that is at the foundation of the whole Insanity Mind training program. It is required to improve your memory, to meditate and to speed read. This post concentrates on its uses for memory improvement. Visualizing means to create an image of something in your mind Visualizations have […]

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