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Controlling Emotions

Tonight I went to watch the last film of Disney: Inside Out. The film, being too much sugar for my taste, is a master piece of scripting, because it clearly describes how emotions are controlling our life. Emotions have a big power over us. They are responsible of many of our automatic behaviors, most of them, behaviors that […]

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How To Be More Present: Mindful Conversation

Mindful conversation is about being fully present in a conversation. When you are engaged on a mindful conversation, your whole attention is concentrated in what the speaker is saying. You loose contact with your worries and engage completely in the current situation. Mindful conversation is like a meditation, but where the object of meditation is not the […]

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The Enemy Within

The first thing I thought today when I woke up was: No way, today I have a tough training at the gym. I don’t want to go! From that moment on, my mind started to bomb me with all sort of excuses about how to avoid the gym: You worked late yesterday, you need a break! Nothing will […]

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Training Your Attention

When the Buddha was asked about the most important training that one can do to achieve a peaceful mind, he replied, Attention! Attention is the cognitive ability of concentrating your mind on an aspect of the environment, while discarding the rest. By using attention, you can be focused on what you need, becoming concentrated in the activity you want. Having […]

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Why Should You Meditate?

Most of the people I train have goals far away from meditation. Mainly they want to increase their reading speed, or their ability mentally calculate. Some want to be the best at memory championships. When I mention them that the basis for their training is meditation, they say ‘Sure… But let’s go to the subject!’. […]

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20 Guided Meditations For Beginners

Many people that start meditating find easier to meditate with a guided meditation. A guided meditation is a meditation in which somebody (an experienced meditator) guides the beginner with his voice. The conductor indicates at every moment what the listener has to do in order to meditate. Many guided meditations also contain music in the […]

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How To Perform a Walking Meditation

We usually attach meditation to being seated alone, quiet and without any movement. If that is right for the core of meditation, the final purpose of meditation is to bring it to all your situations of life, not only those special moments where you seat. The goal is to make your whole life a living meditation. […]

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Stress Reduction For Dummies

At the end of the 60s, Americans Thomas H. Holmes and Richard H. Rahe created a test to evaluate stress levels called Social Adjustment Scale. Now, it is your turn to pass this test in order to know your stress level. Read the following list, and sum all the points of the events you suffered […]

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