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Controlling Emotions

Tonight I went to watch the last film of Disney: Inside Out. The film, being too much sugar for my taste, is a master piece of scripting, because it clearly describes how emotions are controlling our life. Emotions have a big power over us. They are responsible of many of our automatic behaviors, most of them, behaviors that […]

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The Insanity Mind Brain-Body Shake

In this post, I will show you how to prepare a post body-training shake that enhances both the body and the brain, at the same time that it serves as one of the meals of the day. If you are familiar with the Insanity Mind method, you know how important is body training for the mind. […]

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Basic Principles to Feed Your Brain

This post is about the principles you must follow to properly feed your brain, in order to keep a healthy brain for a long time. The principles are the following: Avoid hypoglycaemia. This means, avoid a low level of glucose in blood. Glucose is the fuel of the brain, and low levels of it can kill neurons. To […]

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How To Properly Feed Your Brain

If you train your brain hard, you have to feed it! When I go to the gym (the body gym) I see many people carrying a plastic bottle with some powder inside. After having done the workout, they mix the powder with water and drink the whole thing. Why? After training, the body starts creating new […]

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