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6 celebrities body workouts

  Training the body is the second most important thing you can do to improve your brain (the first one is meditation). However many people find this quite difficult to get the energy and the aims to actually train every week. In order to motivate you to do exercise, I will show you in this […]

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The 7 minute body workout

What is the main problem users argue for not training their body? That they don’t have time to go to the gym. Today, you are going to reach out of excuses to avoid training your body. In this post, you will learn a famous scientific workout that allows you to train your body in only 7 […]

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A 20 Minutes Cardio Solution

Cardio training is one of the physical exercises that has been demonstrated to improve the brain: The Aristocracy of Cardio. The Brain Boosting Benefits of Cardio. 5 Brain Boosting Benefits of Cardio. This post will teach you a cardio routine that will make you push your limits, enhance your brain, burn calories… and all this […]

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Body Exercises That Improve Your Brain

Any exercise benefits your brain. But SBSB exercises have been specially targeted to improve your brain at the same time that your body. Super Body Super Brain (SBSB) is a body exercise program created by Michael González-Wallace, whose objective is to get you in shape and, at the same time, enhance your brain. It is based […]

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Train The Body To Train The Brain

Body and mind go together! Brain training is no more a matter of sitting down on a chair performing exercises with a pen or a computer. You need to shake your body too! It is well known that what the body does affects the mind. Actually, there is a theory that indicates that the real […]

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