Book Club


Welcome to the Insanity Mind Book Club!

If you are interested in reading a lot and improving your brain this is your club.

The goal of this club is to promote the reading of books about brain improvement, and do it using speed reading techniques.

How the club works

This is a free club, anybody can join for free. However, you have to commit to the reading and give your best to read each week the book that has been selected.

This club works as follows:

  • Each month we will read four books. A book per week.
  • Each book will be related to one of the four main subjects that improve and maintain the brain, those are:
    • Brain training
    • Nutrition for the brain
    • Body exercise for the brain
    • Stress reduction
  • By the end of each week, some club members will have to write a short review of the book of that week. The selection of the writers will follow the order in the list of people in the club. Don’t expect to write more than once per month.

If you don’t have the time for those duties, please do not bother to join.

We will use our Facebook page of the Insanity Mind Book Club to interchange information about the books to read each month and how to improve speed reading.

Speed Reading

This is a speed reading book club. This means that you will have to speed read the books. You have no choice, though. Due to your busy life, you just won’t have time to read a book each week unless you use speed reading.

If you know nothing about speed reading, do not worry. Once enrolled the club you will receive a list of the basic steps you have to do in order to learn how to speed read. Also, along the weeks, we will share new techniques, speed reading apps and tricks that will help you increase your reading speed.

How can I enrol?

Being a member of the club is free. Just fill in the form below

Once you become a member of the club, you will receive the basic instructions about how to speed read a book, and each month you will receive the list of books to read.

The Book Club will start in December 2015 !!

Book suggestions

You can suggest books to read at anytime, either by sending an email to Rick T. ( or by posting it at the club Facebook page. Given that this reading club exists in English and Spanish, suggested books must exist in both languages (unless the book is extremely good and of obliged reading!).

C’mon! Enroll this club and change your life for better!

Are you ready to take the challenge of reading a book per week?


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