Body Exercises That Improve Your Brain


Any exercise benefits your brain. But SBSB exercises have been specially targeted to improve your brain at the same time that your body.

Super Body Super Brain (SBSB) is a body exercise program created by Michael González-Wallace, whose objective is to get you in shape and, at the same time, enhance your brain. It is based on the concept that surprise keeps the brain at peak efficiency.

Generally speaking, the stimulation that movement performs in the brain, affects brain function in the following terms:

  • It reduces cortisol in the brain, the stress hormone, letting you think more clearly.
  • It produces dopamine, an active neurotransmitter that affects your movement control and your state of well being.
  • Exercise creates new neurons in the motor cortex and cerebellum.
  • It generates new connections between different parts of the brain.

Summarizing, by doing exercise, you can actually get smarter.

Any exercise that you do improves your brain in one sense or another. That is why I recommend to my clients that they perform the exercise that suits them the better. However, if possible, I recommend them to try new and more complex exercises. The more the brain perceives the exercise as complex and new, the more brain activity is stimulated.

That is exactly the focus of the SBSB method: to create a continuous demand of balance, coordination and concentration through the execution of body exercises. Furthermore, Michael’s exercises include aerobic and strength-training moves to rev up your metabolism and make your muscles lean and strong.

The result is a set of exercises that if done for 10 minutes daily, lead you to a better body and a more intelligent brain.

The creator of the method itself, explains very well in what the method consists in the following video.


You can have a taste of how the exercises look like by watching the following short videos:


If you want to know more about the complete exercise plan, you may prefer to read the book that explains the whole technique and contains a detailed weekly training plan.

Super Body, Super Brain

Now you know that you must combine your mental training with physical training. This is the key to have a healthy life without loosing abilities and stay independent until your last day.

Go for it! Take action! Start training!

NOTE: If you don’t know how to do it, just subscribe to my list and you will receive the complete training plan, which includes, of course, body and brain exercises. Just write your name and email below.


NEW: the 26th of April 2014 Michael and I we are giving a live seminar in Barcelona, teaching SBSB plus Insanity Mind method. If you are close to Barcelona, you can’t afford missing it!



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