A Basic List of Apps to Train Your Brain


Train your brain, but do it properly! You need some stuff to actually perform your training. Here, mobile apps come to the rescue.

What follows is a list of the best apps I’ve found to train your brain in the different disciplines Insanity Mind is based. You will not find below apps for doing sudokus, crosswords, or strange games that doubtfully train your brain. The apps below train your brain by teaching you something useful for real life.

The list contains apps for both Android and iOS devices. You will also find some web based apps, but the main purpose here is on mobile apps, since you can use them anywhere. And that is my purpose by showing you them: that you train anywhere whenever you have some minutes.

  • App for stress reduction:

insightInsight Timer. A program that will help you perform your meditation. It is a timer that controls your meditation time using bowls sounds. It is very motivating because it keeps a control of your time and sessions, and also connects you with other people that are meditating at the same time as you. It also contains free guided meditations in several languages. It is the program I use to meditate, so in case you use it, do not forget to join my meditation group Insanity Mind.

 There is a version for iOS and another for Android. The free version is fully functional. The paid version (2,18€) adds extra functionalities, like different types of sounds.

  • App for body training:

jefitApp for strength training: Jefit. This app will allow you to define your own strength routine or download others already created. You can control the number of repetitions, weight and even the rest time between series. The program displays images of the exercises showing how to perform them. Available for Android (free) and iOS (free).


performance_stretching_icon_large-685a75b04aa72e2b26a9d2c19f5cad2cApp for stretch training
: Performance Stretching is an app available for iOS (3.79$) based on dynamic stretches, with more than 150 exercises and several programs to follow for different targets. A similar app for Android is Stretch Exercises (free).




App for cardio training: Cardio Training. This app is very similar to Jefit in the sense that records your progress along the days. It also can recor

the route you followed while running. Available for Android (free). A similar app for iOS is iSmoothRun (2.99$).


  • App for memory training:

Speed Memory Trainer: the official app of this site. It allows you to train on memorizing numbers (both decimal and binary), figures, matrices, cards and names. It is specially designed to master the Speed Memory championship. Available for Android (2.5€) and iOS (2.5€):



memory ladderMemory Ladder: the official app of the world memory sports council. It will allow you to train on memorizing names, numbers, abstract faces, cards and all the rest of categories of the competition. Available for Android (free).



  • App for speed reading training:

reading trainerReading Trainer is an app to train the basic skills required for speed reading. This app will perform you different training exercises, including how to stretch your eyes muscles, how to recognise patterns or how to increase your visual span (among others).

There is a version for Android (2.99€) and another for iOS (4.99$).



QuickReaderIcon100x100Additionally, you will need an app to actually train speed reading with books: you can use QuickReader. With QuickReader you can load your own ePub books or download free books and start practicing Speed Reading with them. You can configure the speed and the number of jumps per line. A mark will show you the number of words to read at each eye jump. This app is only available for iOS (4.49€).


speed reading trainer



If you use an Android device, use Speed Reading Trainer instead (free) for training reading books.



  • Apps for mental math:

math_attackMath Attack. This is an app that will allow you to train and test your skills on doing mental calculations, including additions, substractions, multiplication, division and squares. Available for Android (free).




mathemagicmainA even better mental math app for iOS is Mathemagics (2.69€). You can read a full review about this program in this post. We will be posting specific brain training exercises for this app in the close future. Stay tuned.

Do you know any other app that may be useful for our brain training? Share it here for us all!

photo credit: Sigalakos via photopincc

4 Responses to A Basic List of Apps to Train Your Brain

  1. Alexander Skafte 01/05/2014 at 22:20 #

    Cool list! I will definitely look into these apps, especially the Speed Memory Trained and Memory Ladder apps. Downloaded the meditation app, gonna try it today.

    Cool website and concept overall! I followed you on Twitter 🙂

    • Rick T. 26/06/2014 at 19:36 #

      Thanks Alexander for your comments.

      Could you recommend us any other app that may help brain training?

  2. Tushar 01/08/2015 at 4:36 #

    Elevate brain training is also a great app in Android to train your brain 🙂

    • Rick T. 01/08/2015 at 10:13 #

      Thanks Tushar for your suggestion!

      I did not know about Elevate app (http://elevateapp.com)
      It looks like a very well done app. It has a general approach to brain training, in the sense that it does not concentrate on specific practical skills but in general improvement of the brain.

      In the same line, I would also recommend Peak (http://www.peak.net).

      Keep suggesting more brain training apps… and keep training!

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