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Increase Your Peripheral Vision

The peripheral vision is the vision that you have on the sides of the center of the vision. It is a vision with less resolution than the central one, but it can be very helpful in brain training if used wisely.  This article will show you how. Why should I improve my peripheral vision? By […]

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How To Increase Your Eidetic Memory

The eidetic memory  is an ability to recall images, sounds or objects in memory with high precision for a few seconds without using mnemonics. It is the closest thing to photographic memory (which actually, does not exist!). Eidetic memory is very poor in adults, but it can be increased with proper training. This post will show you how you can […]

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How To Measure Your Reading Speed

  If you are learning speed reading you need to keep a record of your progress. Monitoring your reading speed as your train will allow you to observe your advances, and, when none is observed, detect where there is a problem and correct it. Hence, you need to know your reading speed. You should measure three things […]

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Train Mental Math With Mathemagics

Mathemagics is a wonderful mobile software for learning and practising mental math. Yes, you can use it for both things: learn, and practice. And everything in your mobile phone! Developed by Blue Lightning Labs, the program contains three modes: Lessons, Practice and Play.          On the Lessons mode, you will find many, many, many […]

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The 7 minute body workout

What is the main problem users argue for not training their body? That they don’t have time to go to the gym. Today, you are going to reach out of excuses to avoid training your body. In this post, you will learn a famous scientific workout that allows you to train your body in only 7 […]

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Building Your Memory Palaces

What is a memory palace? It is a mental structure that can help you memorize anything in an easy and sticky way. By using it, you can quickly memorize what you need and remember it at the time you need. Basically, it consists of defining a set of locations in your mind. Then, use those […]

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Basic Principles to Feed Your Brain

This post is about the principles you must follow to properly feed your brain, in order to keep a healthy brain for a long time. The principles are the following: Avoid hypoglycaemia. This means, avoid a low level of glucose in blood. Glucose is the fuel of the brain, and low levels of it can kill neurons. To […]

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