The 7 minute body workout


What is the main problem users argue for not training their body? That they don’t have time to go to the gym.

Today, you are going to reach out of excuses to avoid training your body. In this post, you will learn a famous scientific workout that allows you to train your body in only 7 minutes a day.

The Technique

This workout was first described at the scientific ACMS’s Health & Fitness Journal, under the title High-intensity circuit training using body weight.

The 7 minute workout is a workout consisting in 12 exercises. For this routine, you only need your body, a chair and a wall, in order to perform the exercises. It is based on high intensity interval training. This means, short intervals of exercise at full power, combined with shorter recovery times. It has been found that these kind of exercises provide the same health benefits than normal training but in a shorter amount of time. We get fit quicker!

Here it follows a series of videos that teaches you each one of the moves. Afterwards, you will find the workout routine of seven minutes. For maximum achievement, visualice, practice and learn the moves before trying the workout.

Move n.1: Jumping jacks

Move n.2: Wall sit

Move n.3: Push-up

Move n.4: Abdominal crunch

Move n.5: Step-up onto chair

Move n.6: Squat

Move n.7: Triceps dip on chair

Move n.8: Plank

Move n.9: High knees/running in place

Move n.10: Lunge

Move n.11: Push-up and rotation

Move n.12: Side plank

The workout

The key success to this method is to bring your body to the extreme while doing the workout. This means that you have to do the exercises at almost maximum discomfort for you. There have to be ONLY 7 minutes, but those 7 minutes have to be extreme. And it all depends on you.


Once you have learnt the moves, you are ready for the workout. Perform the following workout once every day. Follow the specified order (very important).

  1. Start with exercise number 1
  2.  Do the exercise for 30 seconds at maximum speed (as many repetitions as possible)
  3. Rest for 10 seconds
  4. Go for exercise n. 2 for 30 seconds, as many repetitions as possible
  5. Repeat the process with all the rest of exercises, following the specified order. You can guide you with the previous picture.
  6. Write down your results
  7. Next day, try to beat those results

Apps to help you train the 7-minute workout

There are many mobile apps that will help you train the 7 minute workout. Here there is a list of some of them, that include explanation of the exercise as well as timing while doing the workout.

  1. The official Johnson & Johnson app, for Android and iPhone. The official app of the method.
  2. 7 minute workout, for iPhone, and soon for Android. Very nice, more than 1.5 million downloads.
  3. The scientific 7-minute workout app, for Android
  4. 7 minute workout challenge, for iPhone. For me the best of all of them, because it contains all the features of the previous ones, plus a tracker of your results.
  5. Finally, if you don’t have a mobile, you can use the following video to guide you during the workout.


Now, there are no excuses to train your body. 7 minutes is nothing! Since you have to exercise almost everyday I would recommend you combine the 7 minute workout with the 20 minutes cardio solution. Alternate those two solutions between days in order to be in perfect shape with minimum time spent (but not effort!).

Now is your time to train!



photo credit: MiamiFitnessTV via photopin cc

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