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Training the body is the second most important thing you can do to improve your brain (the first one is meditation). However many people find this quite difficult to get the energy and the aims to actually train every week.

In order to motivate you to do exercise, I will show you in this post the workouts of six famous people. You can take inspiration from them and try to emulate them. And in case you don’t like celebrities, I would suggest you to give it a try anyway, just to change your routine and try something new.

The workouts are divided for male and female, 3 workouts per each. Also, they show different types of results in your body, depending on the results you would like to have: for both man and woman, there are a tough workout (to build a lot of muscle), a medium workout (to equilibrate muscle building and body tone) and a light workout (to tonify the body). Just select the one that suits you the best!.

Workouts for men

The tough one: Hugh Jackman’s workout

mutant-strength-hugh-jackmans-wolverine-workout-plan_eBodybuilding.com contains the complete workout plan Hugh Jackman followed to become Wolverine. The plan contains a day per day, week by week program and includes a discussion about how Jackman implemented it and some indications about the nutrition (meals and supplements). Very good program.


The medium one: Robert Downey Jr’s workoutmens_fitness_7117

This is the workout the Robert Downey executed to be prepared for Ironman 3, even if it does not include his Wing Chun kung fu training. It is a workout based on kettlebells, and includes videos demonstrating how the exercises must be performed.

The workout is three days per week, four weeks length. Repeat twice the whole workout for a two months endurance.

The light workout: Christian Bale’s workout

top_5_celebrity_transformations_csmThis is a light workout that will just get your body in tone. It is a seven days workout, but none of the days has heavy work. It is a very good start if you have been lazy for several years.

This program also contains a few indications about the diet you should follow for maximum benefit.


Workouts for women

The tough one: Madonna’s workout 1313547424_Madonna

This post of Bodybuilding.com describes quite well the complete training that Madonna does almost every day. The workout includes diet, cardio, resistance and stretching.

Everything that is suggested in the Insanity Mind program for a body workout is included (even if I personally think that she overdoes it).

Anyway, if you want an extreme training that is the one.



The medium one: Gwen Stefani’s workout





She describes the workout more like a men’s workout. No stretching, no yoga, no pilates. Just weightlifting… but with the adequate composition of exercises for a woman’s body and constitution. Includes the 5 days workout routines with the guide lines for nutrition.




The light workout:  Katy Perry’s workout

katy-perry-fit-aeroThis is a workout specifically designed to stay slim. It includes a 5 days workout routine and some tips about her diet during the training, which is composed of weight training (just a little) and many cardio routines. The workout also includes some curiosities about her training and trainer.


If you feel like too much for a start, you can perform the three workouts of your sex in a row, starting from the light one, performing it along a month. Then continue with the medium one, along two months. Finally, dedicate two more months to the tough one. That should be an ideal progression towards heavy exercise, the best to keep yourself at optimal performance (both mental and physical).

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