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I like to listen to brain training podcasts because they provide a fresh way for learning about how to improve the brain. Podcasts allow you to learn while moving or when you are out of your brain training place. You can listen to them while at the gym, shopping or getting tun at the beach.

Even if there are not many professional brain training podcasts, here I present the 8 podcast that I think are worth to listen to because they provide useful information for brain improvement. I have selected those podcasts which are both interesting and still publishing episodes at present:

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Jonathan Levi is an expert in teaching learning skills, specially memorization and speed reading (his course on Udemy is very good). Now, in this podcast, he provides insights about how to improve ourselves as humans, putting special attention to all those techniques that can make us smarter (among other things). Tips, tricks and interesting interviews to people that lead you to a lot of other points of view.

For me, this is the best podcast of the 8 presented here.


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Impressive podcast about how to memorize anything.

I like this podcast very much because it is composed of short episodes, each one concentrated on showing you how to apply mnemonics to memorize a very specific and concrete subject. Examples include how to memorize rivers, the US presidents, numbers with scientific notation phrasal verbs, or else.

Have a look at its list of previous episodes. You wont regret it!


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A podcast specialised in mnemonics for memorising anything. The author, Anthony Metivier, has created a special method called the magnetic memory, based on memory palaces that allows anybody to memorize anything. The podcast describes how to use his method for different types of data.

Episodes are too long for my taste, but they are filled with long explanations of the techniques that help you understand it.



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I love this podcast. It is about how to be tough. And when I say tough, I mean really tough. And one can only be tough when the brain is tough. Otherwise, it is just appearance of toughness.

This podcast by Mark Divine, ex-SEAL, shows how to be mentally tough by means of interviews to tough people. And I mean, really tough people. A lot to be learnt from Mark and his podcast…



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This is the only podcast of the list that is not publishing new episodes. However its content already published is of great value, so you better download it and listen to it.

This podcast talks about ANY way of improving your brain and mind, by means of interesting interviews to relevant people. How to improve your thinking skills, how to monitor willpower, or how to use emotional resiliency to improve your mental performance, are just some examples of what you can get from the podcast.



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Brian is an expert in optimizing each aspect of life. In his podcasts, Brian provides tips about how to improve oneself, paying special attention to optimized learning.

The podcast contains interviews with very relevant people in the world of mastering oneself. What I specially like of Brian’s podcast, are the short podcasts (that he calls Micro Class) that teach you very specific subjects on how to improve yourself, like how to focus, how to write more or how not to struggle with your thoughts.



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A podcast in a similar line as that of Brian Johnson, about how to improve oneself, in general terms, paying special attention in health improvement.

Dave Asprey proposes that the best way to improve one’s health is going into a ketogenic diet. This diet will, by hence, improve your health and specially your brain functioning.


Even if this podcast goes a little out of the subject of brain training, I included it here because a good health is directly related with a good brain. Also, going into ketones boosts your brain. I recommend you that you just give it a try to the podcast and discard it if you don’t feel it.


Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 23.09.52


This podcast concentrates on how different chemical substances affect the brain. It talks a lot about nootropics (which I have never tried) but also about other substances that improve the brain, as well as other aspects of improving the brain that are not related to substances. I think it is an interesting podcast in order to get a different point of view about how to improve the brain.




Here you have a list of very interesting podcasts to train your brain. I recommend you to subscribe to them, download some episodes of each one and decide whether they interest you or not. In case you want to try some other podcasts I recommend you to search for related podcasts provided by the iTunes app.

Do you have another preferred podcast on brain training?

Please leave your suggestions on the comments

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  1. Cory LaFollette 08/09/2017 at 7:45 #

    Any thing to help a battered brain

  2. officialnavysealpodcast 01/03/2019 at 0:53 #

    Love finding a list like this! These are all such great podcasts to download and have at the ready for flights, traffic…where you have no choice but to pay attention and really take it all in.

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