4 Books I Read In January 2016


I recommend to read at least a book per week.

I know you are going to tell me that you are not able to digest all the ideas from all those books. Fair enough. Actually, that is not the goal. The goal is to exercise your brain, and get a fresh source of ideas. Those ideas may show to you just right now while reading the book or many months later, when what you have read and don’t remember, makes a connection in your subconscious with what is happening with you at that moment.

In any case, reading a book a month is a worth exercise for the brain and, why not to say it, a very enjoyable activity.

This is the first post of a series I’m going to do each month, recommending some of the books I read along the previous month. All of them are brain training related (after all, that is the goal of this blog).
These are my book recommendations from the month of January.


Executive Toughness

by Jason Selk

This is a book about how to build a tougher mind. One thing is to train your brain to read faster, to memorize more or to calculate better. Another is to be mentally though. The kind of mental thoughness that is required to overcome obstacles in life and get out of bad times. This mental toughness can also be trained and this book shows how.

I really liked the book and the training plan it proposes to increase mental toughness. I am practicing the author training schedule since then.


by Tim Grover

Very deceiving book. As the previous one, the book promised to train you on becoming mentally strong, but at the end it just said what you have to do in order to be strong, but not how to do it (in order to win Rafael Nadal in tennis just send him the ball where he cannot reach it).

It was a waste of time.




foto2Deep Work

by Cal Newport

This is one of the best books I have read recently. It is a complete manual about how to become more focused and improve your concentration. Even if it does not contain a complete training plan to become focused, it provides the necessary exercises and actions that we must do in order to increase our capacity to be focused at what we do, and by hence increase our productivity several orders of magnitude.

Loved that book.



foto1The Bulletproof Diet

by Dave Asprey

This book presents a diet for increasing energy and mental focus. The diet is basically a ketogenic diet, where energy for the body is obtained mainly from fats, some proteins and very few carbs (only from vegetables and little fruits), even if the diet makes use of other resources like intermittent fasting or protein fasting.  Fully packed with a lot of nutritional information and analysis about how toxins affect our brain. Since the core element of the diet is the Bulletproof Coffee, I have to try it! (I love coffee!).
As a side effect of this diet, you can loose up to a pound a day…

I will start doing this diet in April. Keep reading for the results.


I am always modifying my brain training. By reading new things I can keep my brain young and alive. I heavily recommend it to you.

Any book you can recommend me to read about brain training?

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  1. Lynn 04/06/2019 at 5:31 #

    Those are some great books! I think I’ll be reading them also.

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