8 Brain Fitness Experts Explain Why You Should Train Your Brain


Brain training is a pain!

I do prefer to watch TV, go to the cinema or just lay down. Why should I bother training my brain?

Many people complain about brain training. They do not see the benefits!

If going to the gym makes you look fit, strong and nice, classical brain training does not produce any visible results, and the promises of a better future are seen as very far away (Insanity Mind training is different and does show visible results from first week, but that is a different issue…).

Well, I discussed about that with 8 experts and asked them the following question:

Why should I train my brain now and keep doing it until the end of my life?


What follows are the answers of the experts.

Alvaro Fernandez, CEO of SharpBrains and author of The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness


Your brain is your most important (and often overlooked) resource to lead a happy, healthy, productive life. The more we invest in it, the more we’ll get out of it!

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Mark Channon, brain/memory training coach and author of How to remember anything and The Memory Workbook

If you were to ask someone the question, “would you like to train your brain to learn quicker, retain longer and get great results?” chances are they would say a big YES Please! The thing is, while this may feel important to a lot of people, I suspect for the majority it doesn’t always feel that urgent. That is until you find yourself presenting to a group of people and going completely blank, sitting in the exam room thinking, “bugger… I know I know this but…” or staring at the person in front of you thinking, “I know the face, what’s the name again…” only for 2 weeks later, have it pop into your brain!

If you think about the problems a brain in peak shape could solve, you would most likely rattle off a very long list. The thing is, each person will have different reasons to train their brain, so it is vital that you not only understand those reasons but also create a real sense of urgency around them. Once this is there and you act upon it, you can start to experience the benefits of a sharper brain. If you are an actor, you will get the edge by being able to quickly remember scripts in an audition. If you are in a business where you have to quickly absorb data or statistics you will be seen as an expert. If you work in a people oriented career you will have the skills to become completely present, remember key details and offer great value.

To figure out why you should start to train your brain, ponder on these questions:

      • If you had your brain in the shape you wanted it, what would you have achieved 12 months from now?
      • How have these achievements benefited you in your personal and business life?
      • Imagine continuing to grow these skills so they become a way of thinking, what impact will this have in your life?

Training your brain gives you the strategies to learn, creates habits to consistently grow your skills and focuses you to achieve results that offer value. Once thinking in this way becomes a habit, it’s no longer ‘training’ its just what you do, second nature, effortless and most importantly, fun!

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Steven L. Snyder, personal empowerment coach


There are so many reasons to train your brain and to keep it sharp as a knife. Mental health, happiness, peace of mind, the very quality of your life. You’ll find continuous brain training is what sets the stage. For keeping focus and memory well into old age. It seems so obvious; there’s no need to explain. Because everybody knows, no train, no gain

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Tansel Ali, memory coach, 3-times Australian Memory Champion, and author of the The Yellow Elephant


The same reason why physical training is beneficial, so is training your brain to be mentally fit. A mentally fit brain assists with creativity, problem solving, decision-making and many other skills that help to personally develop oneself. It is never too late to begin and unlike physical training, is relatively painless.

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Ann Marina, brain fitness and Yoga instructor  and author of Preserve Your Brain

We grow new brain cells and streamline their connections by engaging our bodies and minds.
Like the control tower at an airport, your brain regulates physical, mental, and emotional operations in life. When tower controllers communicate well and equipment functions properly, air traffic flows smoothly. Likewise, maintaining your neural circuits will continue to bring satisfying experiences in life.
No matter how old you grow, you’ll find plenty of ways to nourish your brain and enhance the joy of living.

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Dr. Giuliano Migliarini, gold medal at the World Speed Memory championship, 2011

The Mind behaves exactly as the Universe!

It creates itself in the exact instant it expands and there is no last limit of this expansion process, regarding speed, precision and correctly acquired information lifetime. And all this completely depends on the way our mind is educated and trained, and so the development of mind becomes a temporal function; the more time we spend, the more our mind will reach high performances. So why stop?!

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Michael González Wallace, fitness guru best known for developing the Brain Body Fitness Program called Super Body, Super Brain

Use it or lose it.46488138221c7eb7a87a5d7557b98e12

If we don’t use our muscles, they will wither in atrophy and if we don’t use our brain, our brain will shrink. If the brain is not used, different brain areas will slow down leading to a faster decline in cognitive abilities such as multitasking, learning, memory or movement. A study from Harvard University concluded that lack of brain activity between different areas of the brain means faster aging.

However, what if I told you that is possible to be faster mentally or in better physical shape now than you were 5 or 10 years ago? For the last 10 years, we have being seeing a brilliant phenomena called brain plasticity. Brain plasticity is the brain’s capacity to rewire or regenerate itself, and the key is stimulation. Anytime you stimulate the brain, you are strengthening existing connections and creating new powerful networks. In other words, you are strengthening your brain like a muscle.

According to Dr John Ratey Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard University, exercise is the ultimate way to improve brain plasticity. Nice! But plasticity doesn’t only affect our brains- but affects our muscles as well. Muscle fiber plasticity refers to the capacity of our muscles to change shape, form and structure and there is no age limit, you just need to be consistent with a resistance training program. Read more at http://www.dietsinreview.com/diet_column/08/3-tips-for-a-sharper-mind-and-sculpted-body/#bc0DKDuGe52OHSs0.99

There is an exquisite energy between the aerobic benefits of these lively and challenging movements, the way they activate the brain, and the biological benefits you’ll see as a result of your increasingly stimulated brain circuits. Super Body, Super Brain ™ adds up to be an excellent cognitive workout masquerading as a smart, efficient way to condition your body – Dr John H. Martin, Ph.D, Neuro-scientist, 25 years at Columbia University and now at City College, in his written foreword published in the book Super Body Super Brain ™.

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Anthony Metivier, author of many books about how to improve your memory

metivier_photo_color_smallPeople should start training their brains right now and maintain this positive habit for life for one simple reason. Mental exercises bring more oxygen to the brain. We starve our dearest cognitive muscle daily through poor eating, sitting, exercise and thinking routines. Start with better mind fitness and the rest will fall in line and you will experience massive improvement in all areas of your life.

I recommend using Memory Palaces because the mental processes they draw upon are nearly 100% internal (as opposed to crossword puzzles that rely upon external devices that ultimately weaken the mind by training it to skip the easily laid aside and forgotten rope of pen and paper).

Memory Palaces, on the other hand, increase spatial awareness and enable deep organizational abilities entirely within the mind. Building Memory Palaces is followed by «retracing» exercises that are elegant, effective and fun. Coupled with regular meditation, Memory Palace play (not work) will develop a vast world in your mind within which to stretch and extend and produce life-sustaining and oxygenating mental energy.

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Now that our group of memory fitness experts have convinced you that you need to train your brain …

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2 Responses to 8 Brain Fitness Experts Explain Why You Should Train Your Brain

  1. Barry Dixon 27/11/2013 at 23:34 #

    Exercising the brain makes sense, I’ve always done the body work so now it’s trime to include the brain.

    • Rick T. 28/11/2013 at 8:51 #

      Well said Barry. But it turns out that in order to have a healthy brain you also have to train your body. So do not forget your body work. Never, ever, ever!

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